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Submitted on
January 8, 2012


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It's war! Mad Queen Maud of Skrekrill has breached Grandesque's borders and invaded the aerie. He means to take Grandesque's richest hunting grounds, a prime swath of land bordering the Twistoult forests. If Maud and Skrekrill succeed, Maud will use their new territory as a launching point for a full-scale invasion of Twistoult.

Only you can decide how this conflict will end. The time has come to take up arms and fight for your aerie!


To participate, simply complete one or more of the challenge images listed below. Images are divided into two categories, each worth a different number of points. At the end of the event, we will tally the points--and the aerie with the most points wins!

**PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PIECES ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 28. LATE ARTWORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.** Gryphons of any rank may participate in this event, but if you are a young gryph, keep your physical limitations in mind.

    :bulletblue: Propaganda poster - 1 point. Drum up support for the cause by making a propaganda poster for your aerie. Do some research! Check out posters from WWII and the Cold War for inspiration. Mod note: please stay far away from Nazi imagery.
    :bulletblue: Narrative image - 2 points. Detailed image of your character participating in the war effort. Images should include a full background and at least two other gryphons (or humans, if applicable). Narrative image prompts are as follows:
      ALL AERIES: :bulletred: Show your character involved in a battle with two other gryphons. SKREKRILL: :bulletred: Grandesque soldiers are attacking a strategic Skrekrill post on top of a high, rocky cliff. Defend it! :bulletred: Skrekrill is short on doctors! Kidnap a Twistoult shaman to care for your wounded fellows. GRANDESQUE: :bulletred: You have been chosen as part of Queen Titania's personal security detail! Show yourself stopping an assassination attempt, or leading the Queen through dangerous territory. :bulletred: Maud and a few of his human-gryph cronies have gotten their hands on some guns, but they have no idea how to use them. Stop them before they figure it out! TWISTOULT: :bulletred: Sneak into the Skrekrill camp and perform an act of sabotage. It's up to you whether it works or not! :bulletred: Show your gryph delivering supplies to the battlefront or helping the wounded. Completing one of the narrative challenges also allows you to skip one regular rank challenge. Additional narrative challenges will not count towards rank challenges, but will count for event points. If you have multiple characters, you must complete a separate narrative challenge for each one if you want them to skip a rank challenge. Handling Multiple Characters If you draw two of your characters from the same aerie in one narrative challenge, the points only count once. In the unlikely event that your image completes a narrative challenge for two characters in two separate aeries at the same time, you must specify which aerie you want the points to go to.


The members of the winning aerie who participate in this event will get to advance to the next rank. ONLY CHARACTERS WHO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT WILL GET TO ADVANCE. That means that if you have multiple characters, you must make an image for EACH ONE in order to make them eligible to advance at the end.

The outcome of this war will influence upcoming Windsonde events, and shape the future of Windsonde itself.
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When you say to stay away from Nazi imagery (which I whole-heartedly agree with and understand, I'm just asking an honest question) does this mean the swastika in particular, or Nazi-style imagery in general? There are some posters that I think could be really appropriate for inspiration if enough care were taken to completely reduce the connection to such a horrific time in our own history.
Don't do it at all, haha. We're just not touching /anything/ Nazi. The imagery and symbolism both are just really not what we're going for even a little. There's tons to work from without it - Russian, British, Chinese, American, ect.

Hope this helps.
It sure does, thanks!
Ciameth Jan 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
A question: does depicting imminent violent conflict count towards the "Show your character involved in a battle with two other gryphons" prompt?
Quisum Jan 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it okay to make two different pictures of the same prompt?
for example could I make two different propaganda posters and have them both count?
Yep! You can make as many as you like.
I believe you can make as many propaganda posters as you like!
As a passing observer I have to admit, isn't it a bit of a waste of time if the losing side gets nothing?
If you're into the politics of the world, no. The losing side doesn't "get nothing" ...there's a lot that's going to happen to them that impact their character's future and the possibilities it brings. Folks can even choose to utterly ignore the war entirely and go on with their standard challenges...or incorporate the storyline.

Since this is a group revolving around art creation, nothing here is a waste of time if it makes you create more art.
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