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Hey featherybutts of Windsonde! Just a little update for you guys. Our team finds itself with increasingly limited time for many things, including critique. If we reject your piece and give you a less-than-awesome reason, we apologize...we're working very hard to manage the group and our lives all at the same time.

We are ALWAYS pushing ourselves as artists and the group as artists. If your work is rejected it is by no means a personal attack or reflection on you as an artist. We want to make clear that if we know you have the ability to take your image to the next level we will reject the piece with the appropriate critique - we love seeing more and more and more. The more detail, tightening, texture, lighting, refinement and more you can put in an image the happier we are!

If you're not so into critique this may not be the group for you. Especially with our new WAR event we're seriously looking to push ALL our artists into creating some seriously cool and beautiful things! Points are not being doled out lightly!

While we'd love to give everyone's pieces the attention they deserve when it comes to refinement we may not always have the time - so if it takes longer for your piece to be accepted than usual, we're probably thinking on it and talking amongst ourselves as moderators on how to appropriately critique it. It takes a lot of group effort for even just one image so we appreciate your patience.

For those artists looking to join: Because of our increasingly limited time restraints we are tightening up who we let into the group. We'd like to be able to accept more artwork than we reject, and for that reason we're looking for artists who have our requirements a lot more stringently than before. This is not a learning group. We like to push our artists here but we're not here to teach folks how to be better artists overall. That just takes time, study and serious practice!

Thanks for your understanding - as always, note the group with any questions and have fun with the new event!
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January 21, 2012


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