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Relations with humans is a hot political issue! Some gryphons are completely against the humans and want them gone  (differing on whether or not to kill them all or simply convince them to leave), some think they should open trade and alliances (seeing these colonists as an opportunity of wealth), and some are neutral and apathetic about the whole situation.

When the humans landed on Windsonde some of the Twistoult shamans tapped into the Old Magics that allowed gryphons to gain a humanoid form or to become a more powerful gryphon.  These magics quickly spread among all the aeries and have now become important Life-Path choices for all gryphons.  Gryphons may choose to have a humanoid form for the purpose of aiding their aeries during this time of apparent human crisis, opening relations with the humans, or some gryphons simply think living a normal human life would be simpler and more appealing than a gryphon one.  Some gryphons choose to gain strength as a gryphon because they feel being a more powerful gryphon can help them combat the human colonists, or they simply aren't comfortable with the idea of being humanoid.

The humans are not really sure what to make of the gryphons - opinions differ from "simple animals too smart for their own good" to, "magical creatures that must be respected and left alone" to "wild animals". No matter what the opinion, the humans do NOT view the gryphons as their equals. Likewise, the gryphons do not view the humans as their equals.

The humans do not mean the gryphons harm, exactly, but they do want to continue to cultivate and use the lands which they have come to inhabit. Tentative trades are established between the two species. The humans know the gryphons can take humanoid shape but do not seem to have realized there are significant numbers of these human-gryphs already living among them.

War Between Skrekrill and Grandesque

Recently, Queen Maud grew tired of his gryphons having to scrape for food, while the Grandesque grew fat from their plentiful hunting grounds. He staged a successful invasion of Grandesque, carving out the hunting grounds for Skrekrill and leaving Grandesque and Twistoult to pick up the pieces. Currently, the southernmost part of Grandesque belongs to Skrekrill, while Grandesque troops have massed along the border and moved into part of Twistoult, to "protect" it.
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August 30, 2010


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