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August 30, 2010


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The Grandesque is the largest aerie in Windsonde. It is home to most gryphons and some of the most touted warriors call this aerie home. They are an easygoing, permissive lot that simply try to go about their business and live their lives happily. They have many amenities at Grandesque including hatchling nurseries, large sand baths, deep crystal caves, and intricate cave systems. Trade and barter are how goods are passed around.

Their culture is one of democracy. They are, as mentioned before, a permissive society on the whole. Rules and laws are very basic and mainly deal with not interfering in others lives. Since this is the case, drugs and excess are often found at Grandesque - much like in a rich casino. The Skrekrill consider their entire culture disgusting.

Grandesques are on relatively good terms with the Twistoults but violent enemy to the Skrekrill. They don't have clans insomuch as jobs. Depending on your skill, you are given a clan title to go along with your name. It is considered proper to introduce yourself with both names, or have an item that displays your clan symbol prominently. A gryphon may, at many times, belong to more than one clan.

The Clans of Grandesque:

    :bulletblue:Balach - Warriors and fighters. Guards. Mercenaries. Assassins.
    |Clan Symbol|

    :bulletblue:Fallean - Gatherers by trade. Food related tradesmen, excepting meat. A very large clan.
    |Clan Symbol|

    :bulletblue:Slaghre - Hunters by trade. Meat traders, skinners. A huge clan.
    |Clan Symbol|

    :bulletblue:Samhradh - Craftspeople. This is the largest clan in Grandesque. It includes metalsmiths, woodworkers, general tradesmen and the like. The clan name simply means "to make," or "makers".
    |Clan Symbol|

    :bulletblue:Dearmaad - Mothers, nursemaids, childrearers, nannies.
    |Clan Symbol|

    :bulletblue:Drusieach - Mystics, druids or spiritual advisors & healers. Grandesque does not keep up with organized religion, so most of these gryphons are quacks or cultists - this is the smallest clan on Grandesque and is a dying one.
    |Clan Symbol|

    :bulletblue:Faclair - The aristocrats. Another huge clan. Those who don't need to work or sustain themselves alone. These types make up most of Grandesque. Generally any gryphon that is a Faclair does not overlap with another clan unless it is Dearmaad.
    |Clan Symbol|

    Living Space:

A gryphon lives in an aerie, which is comprised of many different caverns in the canyon-like rock of their home. The aeries resemble these images: |1|2|3|4|5|

    Current Inhabitants of Grandesque:

:pointr:When submitting challenges please title your deviation G(for Grandesque)-[character name]-[rank]-[challenge #].  For example, G-Binky-Young Gryphon-1.  Then submit your deviation to the Rank Challenges gallery folder.
:pointr: Do not combine challenges, they must be done individually.
:pointr: You must complete the challenges in order!
    :bulletred:Young Gryphon

    1. Ahh, the forests of Twistoult are so relaxing! So relaxing that you seem to have wandered off the path. What do you find?

    2. You have blundered into Skrekrill territory, and some Gunna toughs have spotted you. What will you do?

    3. It is the Queen's custom to give a speech to all of the young gryphs before they are promoted to adults, and the old bat does drone on. Attend the ceremony or find some way to weasel out of it.

(Please add clan accessories your gryphon may have or carry to your character sheet before moving on.)


    1. Your new role as a clan member comes with both new responsibilities and new rewards. Show yourself performing an activity relating to the clan you have chosen.

    2. You are attending a midnight festival in Twistoult to honor the goddess Mordachae. Even though you may not believe in any of it, the Queen has instructed you and your fellows to make nice as a way of improving relations. Show yourself participating in a ritual, or looking down at the superstitious Twistoult ninnies.

    3. Some Skrekrill louts are massing near the border. Get rid of them any way you can!

(Please add a Humanoid or Greater-Gryphon form to your character sheet before moving on.)

    :bulletyellow:Final Stage

    1. Depending on your choice, you are now either a humanoid or a magnificent Greater Gryphon.

    ***If you've chosen to be a human, the Queen will give you a large chest of gold from the Grandesque treasury to help you start your new life. Go spend some of it in town! You can buy anything you like--just try not to blow it all in the taverns!

    ***If you've chosen to be a gryphon, the Queen will give you a smaller sum of money and a magnificent dwelling in the best part of the aerie. Show yourself settling into your new home, or buying some finery befitting your status.

    2. Human: Will you leave the aery for good, or maintain ties with your gryphon brothers? If you choose to stay, impress some of your fellow gryphs by showing them your new form. If you decide to leave, depict the nature of your parting.

    Gryphon: You can fly longer and farther than ever before. Soar out over the ocean and bring back news of the strange things you have seen.
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Myrethy Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Regarding the completion of challenges, as I'm a little confused by the process... when one completes a challenge, do the complete it by submitting a written depiction of them completing that challenge, or is it a drawing they have to submit? Or am I completely off basis here and just plain confused? I really like the whole idea of Windsonde, I would just like some clarification on this particular part.
Bailiwick Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
You submit artwork of your character completing the challenge. There is no written component other than what the artist may add in their comments - but its about the images here.
Myrethy Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Okay, thanks. I hadn't looked at the Rank Challenges folder at the time I posted that comment, but I still appreciate the response.
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SageKorppi Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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