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The Cervanthe herd dwells in the forests of Chalypsos and rarely leave their territory.  They treat outsiders with ambivalence, and often find it difficult to relate to the cultural norms of the other herds.  Unlike Hyppos, Kapprini and Anthelos, Cervanthe culture is dictated by the passing of seasons.  

In winter, known as Vinthern, the Cervanthe form a herd much like the Hyppos.  Everyone comes together for the lean, cold season, gathering under the oldest oak in the forest.  The Cervanthe trade stories, huddle around fires for warmth, and subsist on dried meat and fruit stored earlier in the year.  As a group, the Cervanthe are better able to defend themselves from the wolves, bears, and cougars that also dwell within their region--predators that may grow desperate enough during the winter to attack a lone hippogryph, despite the formidable beak and antlers.

When the snow melts and flowers come into bloom, the Cervanthe part ways for a season of solitude and reflection.  Many of the Cervanthe travel far from home during this season, called Eiar, to explore the remote regions of Chalypsos.  Only the Stag King remains at the clearing of the Great Oak.  

In summer, Theros, the herd draws together again for a time of bounty--and a time of industry.  Food is dried for winter, and much revelry and feasting is had.  An atmosphere of friendly rivalry grows in the herd as members compete in playful tests of strength, agility, and hunting prowess.

Come autumn, the friendly rivalries of summer intensify into a time of violence and aggression known as Lekkrut.  Hormones rage in the adult cervine members of the herd.  Both male and female Cervanthe compete to gain potential paramours--and to establish status that will impact their share of food and position within the herd during winter.  Non-cervine members of Cervanthe therefore compete in Lekkrut as well, and being level-headed can sometimes make up for their lack of preternatural aggression.

The majority of Cervanthe are deer-based hippogryphs but there are a few caprid, equine, and antelope hippogryphs in their midst who switched allegiance to the Cervanthe in adulthood, or whose parents immigrated from another herd.

    Living Space:

Cervanthe are creatures of the forest.  They occupy the large Pantothen and Blabaros Forests in the middle of Chalypsos, and well as the bogs and swamplands of the Thambos peninsula, and Acrolus Forest and the Zygos sound to the north.  They do not build shelters, though some may have a regular thicket or tree root hollow they consider home.

    Current Members of Cervanthe:

    Stag King
      :bulletblue: To be revealed!
      :bulletorange: None yet!
    Young Hippogryph
      :bulletred: None yet!

:pointr:When submitting challenges please title your deviation C(for Cervanthe)-[character name]-[rank]-[challenge #].  For example, C-Actaeon-Young Hippogryph-1.  Then submit your deviation to the Chalypsos Rank Challenges gallery folder.
:pointr: Do not combine challenges, they must be done individually.
:pointr: You must complete three challenges per category to advance!
    :bulletred:Young Hippogryph

    -Your friends tell you they saw Theros himself near the twin rivers.  You don't really believe them... but you have to go check it out anyways!  Wouldn't it be something to see a god?

    -All the grown-ups are so irritable during autumn!  How do you and your other young friends react to the fighting?

    -Lekkrut is in full swing and you are unfortunate enough to stumble across the path of an adult stag in a state of fury.  Appease him or get out of there quick--you don't stand a chance against those antlers!

    -A visiting group of Hyppos boast about their speed, so you and your friends challenge them to a race!  They may have the advantage in open plains, but your kind are nimble about dashing through the forest.

    -Now that you're almost an adult, your antlers (or horns, if you're a non-cervine member of the herd) start to grow in.  Strut around and show them off!  If your species does not grow horns or antlers, how does it feel to watch your friends reach this important milestone you will never share?

    :bulletred:Adult Hippogryph

    -Bring an offering of dried food to the Stag King in the name of Theros, the summer god of bounty.  All must tithe in summer so the herd has enough food stored to survive the winter.

    -Spurred on by a harsh Vinthern, wolves attack the edge of the herd.  Do your part to fight them off and defend the young!

    -During your springtime travels, you come across a glade with a pool of the stillest, clearest water you have ever seen.  As you gaze into its depths, the goddess Eiar grants you a vision.

    -Autumn has come.  If you are a cervine Cirvanthe, you feel the power of the god Lekkrut coursing through you--his strength and anger make you feel invincible!  Size up your fellow herdmates and spar to establish your position in the herd.  Non-cervine members of the herd can get caught up in the atmosphere, though most keep their wits about them.  However, they too must compete if they want to claim a spot next to the Great Oak when Vinthern comes.

    -The Stag King has never been beat in a fight--not even a draw.  Are you foolhardy enough to face him during Lekkrut, or do you quickly get out of the way when he bellows a challenge?
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Windsonde is a juried art challenge group that takes place in a gryphon-inhabited fantasy world created by Bailiwick.

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World Rules and Information
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Information regarding the human colonists in Windsonde.

All about gryphon religion.

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Gryphon Final Stages
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Read all about the Grandesque gryphons and their challenges.

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Tookie Island
Read all about the Tookie Island gryphons and their challenges.

Read all about the new Chalypsos hippogryphs and their challenges.

Switching Aeries
Read all about how to switch aeries once your character is an adult.


Bird Information and Resources
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